About Black & Bae

Black and Bae designs is a brand founded and created in Dubai. We are all about looking glamorous and ready at any time just like our beautiful city!

In our Dubai design headquarters we design everything with passion. Our designers pay attention to the small details in order to achieve the perfect finishing for our bae! We spen months and months choosing the right fabric for each design until we deliver it to your hands. We want you to feel as beautiful and glamorous as you should!

Our CEO, Alaa Azmy, has the vision of how women want to feel in fashion and that’s why she created a brand that fits every woman.

We have created outfits that fit every vibe and occasion because we believe fashion shouldn’t be complicated. We believe you should have your own signature, effortless style and the simpler you do the more it hits!

In Black and Bae, we believe that if a woman is wearing something that suits her her body and curves it gives confidence. Therefore you feel confident and elegant. The right vibes to work, go out on a date or even a crazy night out with the Baes.

Why black and bae?

Black is the most powerful color and it’s almost impossible to find any other color that could compete. It could be strong or it could be simple. If Bae gets a basic black dress she can make it look fancy with the right heels and jewelry, wearing the sexy lipstick and loose hair ready to make the right entrance anywhere. She can turn it into a casual fit by fitting anything that makes her feel comfy, it’s all about Bae and her vibes!


Bae is the sexiness and confidence itself; every woman has the right to feel sexy, confident, and more importantly comfy with whatever she wears. Every woman has the right to spoil herself and call herself bae and every woman is our bae!

In Black & Bae the goal is to make every woman feel this way about herself. So leave the details to us, that’s why we work hard starting from sketching each design to the moment you receive it to your doorstep.

let’s talk

We would like to spoil our bae even more so your opinion is important to us. Share with us your feedback.

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